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Singing lessons at ARC Voice Studio aim to unlock the true potential of each singer. Increasing the flexibility and range of your voice. Smoothing out breaks, cracks or flips, and ultimately building strength, stamina, and a balanced tone. Altogether leading to an improved vocal production.

Would you like to:

  • Improve the overall quality of your voice?
  • Expand your vocal range?
  • Not reach or strain for high or low notes?
  • Gain vocal strength?
  • Develop a balanced tone?
  • Start to enjoy singing again?

You've come to the right place.

What is Speech Level Singing? (SLS)

Speech Level Singing, “the technique of legends” was created by Hollywood vocal coach Seth Riggs. Speech Level Singing (SLS) is a revolutionary vocal training technique that maximizes your vocal abilities in any style of singing. Speech Level Singing is a way of using your voice that allows you to sing freely and clearly with maximum power and clarity...

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Andrea N

I have been having lesson with Adella for the past two years, and my voice has improved so much. When I first came to her, I was having issues with my upper register, the high notes. But now I have [...]


"It isn't very often that a coach can blend both technical and instinctual teaching methods so successfully. Adella flawlessly executes this, providing not only a great deal of brilliant technical [...]

James V

“As a bass/baritone, I used to believe I would never sing high, because I wasn’t born with the vocal cords of a tenor. Now I know this isn’t true, and I can sing higher than ever [...]

Sined T

"Adella is a fantastic teacher! She records every lesson to a CD, which is so useful because you can listen back to your progress and practise at home. she helped me to get loads of strength behind [...]

Harris K

"Before I met Adella I had trouble singing, I would always strain and reach for notes, but after having a couple of singing lessons with Adella my voice felt more free than ever before." Harris [...]


"Adella makes learning to sing so much fun, her understanding of the voice is amazing." Rob